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Our sweet 3 year old daughter, Alora has very bad allergic reactions to any type of bug bite.  Last summer, we had to take her to the ER twice because the swelling was so bad and it would drain fluid.  Unfortunately nothing the hospital ever gave us worked.  It would take over two weeks for us to get it well.  And after having to wrap her up like a mummy and treat her several times a day,  she was still left with scars.  Well, summer has rolled around again this year and it brought bugs with it.  Bugs always bring bites so here we go again.  I was frustrated and hopeless.  THANK GOD for a dear friend who recommended YOUNG LIVING Lavender oil.  She even blessed us in handing over her personal oils.  What I saw 5 hours after applying was nothing short of a miracle!  I was sold and no one could ever convince me that essential oils don't work.  We thank God for these pure and natural oils he made because they have saved my sweet girl from living with allergies and scars...and that is JUST the Beginning!!!

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When it comes to essential oils, Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity.

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